Hillary’s Consolation Speech

Well Hillary was expected to lose in New Hampshire.  Bernie Sanders has been polling there for years.  the electorate is quite different. many young first time voters coming out in droves.  When Hillary gave er consolation speech, only 25% of the precincts were reporting.  But Hillary was behind by twenty points at that time.

As Hillary was speaking Bill Clinton was behind her looking old.  he was clapping his hands like old people do and he looked a bit like a Bobble Head.  I think he was trying to provide approving head nods, but it came of like a Presidential Bobble head.

Then Hillary started to go into her stump speech.  The stump speech talks about continuing the good work the President Obama has been doing. Then in the next breath concedes that things are going terribly wrong that she needs to get in and fix it.  When she speaks out of both sides of her mouth it is hard to know what she is really going to do for us.

Then she blames the right wing conspiracy and played that I get knocked down I get right back up and fight.  Never admitting that she did anything wrong as it relates to her emails being held on a private server. The FBI seized her file and to date have determine over 1000 emails were Top Secret or above.  The State Department refuses to release 22 emails because they a level above Top Security.  Meaning our processes and are people on the ground are at great risk for this security lapse.

Hillary had lawyers with no security clearance determining what email was personal and which ones were private.  The company that maintained the server were not classified to work on a server with classified information on it.  The fact that Hillary ignores what she has done.  She acts like her testifying before the congress for 11 hours exonerated her on the emails.

Hillary is a horrible leader in that she only cares about herself. Having the Secretary Of State putting peoples lives in danger to make it more convenient for her makes her dereliction of duty a disqualification for any office much less the highest position in the United States.

Hillary will never be able to work with Republicans because she lies and no one trusts her.  What in the World will Bill do but making headlines for all the wrong reasons all over again.  The rest of the stump speech I guess is throwing raw meat to her supports.  The interest take was that Bernie Sanders was taking 80% of the younger women vote.

Women Hillary’s age and older are going to vote for her in lock step.  Hillary is also embracing President Obama every chance she gets so that she can secure the black vote heading into South Carolina.  When you lose by 20% and give a speech, it would be nice to be genuine and thank people that worked so hard for you. Instead Hillary got shrill, blaming republicans for everything.  If Hillary virtually ties a 74 year old Socialist in Iowa and gets demolished in New Hampshire by that same 74 year old Socialist.  It shows how weak Hillary is.  The country knows she lied about the emails and it could get very ugly really quick.  Time is ticking away on that time bomb of potential felonies.  This is Bernie’s Day and he blames republicans and rich people.

Whoever wins, better have a stable Vice President ready to go, because the democrats are driving cars with a lot of mileage on them.

Tapping the Brakes on Cruz Control

I think about the wisdom of trump to skip the last debate and his decision to do so worked really well in my opinion.  One, it was evident that the IQ went up without him there, but the entertainment value was pretty low.  I realize that we are vetting the person that we want to be the next commander and chief.  But skipping the debate seemed like a chess match with a chess master.  The ability to look 10 – 12 moves in advance.  Whether Cruz or Trump wins Iowa is not that big of a deal for Trump, because Trump has a number of states coming up that he has a commanding lead in.

The issue is what happens when the establishment votes lines up together behind one establishment candidate.  Cruz can be pushed down with a poor showing in Iowa. That state is tailor made for him with the evangelical vote.  Cruz being the other outsider, can be crushed early on if Iowa does not go well.

So back to a trump-less debate.  All arrows pointed towards Ted Cruz.  Not to say that he should be able to handle it, the problem was that he was on his heels most of the night.  The concern with Cruz gets magnified when you see he is unlikely to compromise with Progressives.  The biggest concern is that he will not get conservatives to align behind him.  At least not establishment Republicans.  So with Cruz tapping the brakes a bit on his momentum going into a great state for him means we could see the rise and or fall of ted Cruz based primarily on this evenings results.

That means that with Cruz potentially out of the way early on, then Trump can continue to try not do anything to get people to drop out early.  The later everyone stays in the race, the bigger delegate lead that Donald Trump can amass.  It would be interesting if Ben Carson left early, I bet Cruz would pick up a majority of that support.  However, I do not see Ben Carson going anywhere despite of his dull performance in the Republican Debates.

As this runaway train builds for Trump, I am wondering exactly what we are going to get as a Billionaire leader of the free world. You cannot trash talk at the frequency of a Donald Trump without isolating yourself.  I wonder who our international friends would look like in a Trump Presidency.  Well based on skipping the debate, we will see what happens in Iowa and see how the deck gets reshuffled after the Iowa Caucus.

Debate- I DO NOT Think So!

What happens when you can turn conventional wisdom upside down.  When you can decide what rules that you want to play by and which ones that you do not want to play by.  The recent reporting on Donald Trump indicates that he is not surrounded by handlers.  that he spends time traveling and preparing in solitude.  Meaning he does what he wants to do.  Donald Trump goes to the beat of another drummer for sure.  We have never seen a politician do what he wants and gets away with it.  The press has lampooned him, but never been able to shame him or apologize. Donald has the ability to say what he wants without the normal burial at Sea that the liberal press preside over.  What is true as it relates to the Press, is they get a ratings bump when he is on the show.  He gets thousands of fans dwarfing the audience of any other candidate.  So the economics of Donald Trump trumps the politics of Donald Trump.  To make his point emphatically, he has pulled out of the last Republican Debate before Iowa goes to the polls.  He proclaims that we will see if anyone watches the debate without Donald.  To take it one step further, it is said that he is negotiating with another network to hold another event at the same time as the Republican Debate.  Talk about flexing your muscle.  If this was the first time Donald Trump played hardball, you would say there is no way he can get away with this.  Now there is no one doubting not only will he get away with it, he will spin this into a night all about him and not a long line of others.

Donald made this about Megan Kelly, but this had more to do with Donald Trumps view of how Fox has stacked the deck against him so to speak.  Fox has certain shows that are non-partisan, but Fox looks like they back he establishment candidates.  The fact that Karl Rove is a Fox contributor is all Trump needs to see to validate his decision.

So if I were to predict, Donald will come out smelling like a rose and the remaining candidates have to play for second and third in the Iowa Caucus.  As it relates to Megan Kelly, she too will come out smelling like a rose.  She did ask a loaded question that had serious venom associated with it, but she also has done great journalism as well. I do not give Megan a pass, but I do look at the total sum of her work and she is quite impressive.  I give her press kudos for being willing to ask the tough question, the problem is that is lead the debate and it was not couched in a respectful way.

The funny thing is that Donald Trump broke every rule in responding at the debate and then after the fact.  Even after blotched explanations, his popularity continued to increase.

Does this make Donald Trump a great candidate to be President.  By no means, but it is a marvel to watch him gain altitude in that balloon filled with a lot of high quality HOT AIR.

Two Corinthians 3:17


2 Corinthians 3:17

Now the Lord is that Spirit:and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is Liberty.

Why it matters.  If you come to Liberty University, then you would expect that evangelicals would want authenticity.  When you are running for the highest position in the land and you want to lead people, I understand that you want to speak to them in a language that they can understand.  It is important to make sure you understand it and have something of value to add.  Reciting a scripture with no context and not having it be anything other than “That’s a great verse, that says it all”. falls completely flat.  Was it a verse that he Googled where he found a reference to Liberty to pander to the their beloved University?  It looks to me like Donald Trump has not spent one hour speaking to a Christian about what it means to be a Christian.  By saying that the Art of the Deal is the second best book to the Bible does not show humility as I am guessing was the goal.

The “Donald” believes Christianity is about doing good  If you try to do good, then you have nothing to apologize for.  The “Donald” does not understand the concept of all have sinned and in need of a Savior.  The “Donald” does not understand that Trump buildings that have been built are indeed beautiful, but they are a brand.  The brand is of obscene wealth.  The inference is that Donald Trump will help us become a winner again and we will be wealthier with him making deals that are good for America.  I have no problem at all with a President that will want the better end of a deal in regards to trade.  What I cannot imagine is that after Donald declares that Mexico will pay for the wall, that Mexico would ever degrade themselves enough to agree to that.  I think the hatred for America from our southern border would be crimson red.  I have no problem with Mr. Trump crafting a deal that leverages all of the gains that the US economy represents to Mexico my allow them to agree to some form of participation, but not after you have grabbed them by the collar and rubbed their nose in the dirt.  That lacks any decorum. that lacks any grace and it seems like you have tainted any negotiation before it even begins.

Donald asserts that he has a great relationship with God, but that may appear to be a one-sided conversation.  To drop the verse saying two Corinthians versus second Corinthians just suggests you are not familiar with Bible studies.  If Donald reads the verse and does not hear someone in Church or Bible Study refer to it as second Corinthians, he would not know any better.  It is very possible that Mr. Trump is trying to honestly look at scripture in his busy schedule for guidance.  The challenge is that his moral compass is in question.  Both by how he attacks people personally and how vague he is on details.

I do not believe the President of the United States needs to be a Christian, but if Mr. Trump says that he is going to champion religious rights I would be more comfortable if he had a fuller view of what that looks like.  I would also be more comfortable in him having discussion about his faith after sitting with someone that would net it out for him.  I am okay with a strong leader that does what he says he is going to do.  The challenge for us is that Donald Trump as said he would do a lot of things that red flags start to go up.  Just because he does not conform to typical political discourse and gets away with being brash and politically incorrect does not make him right.  I want honesty and today I believe that Donald is saying what he means, I just think he does not have enough facts to ad lib in areas that are foreign to him.  Some times ignorance flows out of him like a leaky faucet.  If his advisers were as quick and responsive as a Plumber providing emergency service like my friends at UpstateNYPlumbing.com, then he will create a flood of information with which his competitors can seize upon for the remainder of the Primary and General elections.

It is a interesting balancing act between giving no details so that you do not contradict yourself later or telling exactly what you plan to do and everyone can lob in grenades.  As dangerous has deporting 11 million illegal immigrants sounds, putting a freeze on Muslims coming into the country, Building a wall that Mexico will pay for…Doing nothing has ts own dangers.  With President Obama having no real strategy for Foreign affairs, the middle east, ISIS or relations with cold ware adversaries and allowing are military to be the smallest in decades when the world is the most dangerous times that I can ever recall. Obama had a couple of good days with the prisoner release and the sailors being released so quickly.  That does not change that the United States is crying out for a Leader.  The Donald is a Leader, but I am not sure who he follows.  That is why it matters.


When did the truth become so controversial?  If the truth is uttered, literally heads start to explode. People are so personally invested in the lie, that they can not “handle the truth”. You have personal friends that have a different world view and if you disagree with any of what they are saying they look at you like you have a disease.  I have done that. I have a friend that posts on Facebook repeating the blatently false narrative of Robert Reich, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Moveon,org, NOW, Planned Parenthood and do not care that all of these organization attack messengers in hope of discrediting the information.  The demonizing of the other side is common place.  I am guilty of that to an extent, but what I am trying to provide is a safe environment for those that are seeking the truth and when they believe hat they see what that is, not called the most disgusting person in the world.  The left is famous for giving bad policies really caring names.  So the left can say that conservatives do not want clean air or clean water or better this or better that.  In the end, everything has a cost/ benefit analysis.  This is never contemplated by the left.  The answer is whatever it takes as long as it comes from the rich.  The Progressives are cowardly, because you can always say lets take what they have because you numbers on your side. The problem is that folks like Bernie Sanders really believes his socialist world view and people buy into that level of commitment. Unlike the dispassionate Rhinos, that just says “please do not say mean things about me”.  That is the biggest reason Donald Trump is doing so well, because people are so tired f the cowering Rhinos.  They will more easily try and do a character assassination of a conservative as opposed to a liberal.  The establishment politicans are trying to act like the adult in the rooms, but by and large they are bought and paid for and just warming the seats of power.  They despise those with passion and act like the extreme left or extreme right are crazy.  Take away the extreme of the extreme on each side and you will find that neither the progressives or Conservatives are crazy, just have polar opposite world views.  My contention is that both the Progressives and Conservatives have common enemies. However, as long as the Press is a one party rule system, nothing gets exposed or reported.  Even when outlets like the Washington Post tries to have a fair and balanced investigative piece, their bias is so clear.  The arguments they choose to highlight, only shows that they are attempting balance.  the left leaning journalist always wants you to walk away thinking no matter how bad a liberal looks, conservatives are always worse.

Think about the sophomoric questions that can hurled at Republicans and then softball after softball to democrats.  The reality is the market does dictate who stays on the air and who does not.  The fact that liberal journalists have a base that respects them means the market has spoken. At the same time, I do not think any journalist is really all that respected or trusted anymore  As unpopular are politicians, journalists cannot be to far behind.

So then, why can’t journalists tell the truth. The answer is simple, they are not interested in the truth, but rather a narrative that supports their own opinion. Journalists are invested in the lie as much as anybody.

Why can’t politicians tell the truth.  Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Why can’t friends and co-workers tell the truth.  Because they do not want to hurt someone’s feelings or lose a friend.  I have stopped considering some people friends based on the crap the share and push out to everyone regardless of whose it may hurt.  Liberals do not care about hurting you feeling Christian conservatives. Again, they consider you diseased, damaged, stupid or evil.  I guess to that end we consider Progressives as thieves, cowards, enablers and traitors.  So based on all of these perceptions, how do we stop assassinating peoples character and actually just deal with the issues.  You know, seek the truth.  Well that is what I am going to attempt to do.  My assumptions will get in the way from time to time, but in the end I want to invest in the truth.